Vinyl Bernard Ferve Black Devil  Disco Club |ARC 021| Disko Obscura
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Black Devil - Disco Club |ARC 021|

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Reissue of one of our favorite albums of all time - phantasmo-psychédélique at its best!

"For the third album, Disco Club (1978), I worked with a drummer who recalibrated the loops, which gives the tracks the special, very hypnotic grooves. In the end, I find this album to be very handcrafted. Even though the album was made in a recording studio in the Paris suburbs, we used equipment that would now be considered a very “home studio.” My producer, Jacky Giordano, and I chose to give ourselves nicknames: he was “Joachim Sherylee” and I was “Junior Claristidge.” We wanted to pass as big shot American studio heads, which was a very highbrow business at the time, which spread the idea that good music could only be made by Anglo-Saxons. As for Black Devil, that was the final result of this change: an extension of me, a new character." - Bernard Fevre

Direct from label.

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