Vinyl - High-Functioning Flesh - Human Remains 7" | DAIS 083
Dais Records (US)

High-Functioning Flesh - Human Remains 7" | DAIS 083

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Los Angeles based EBM duo High-Functioning Flesh usher in 2016 with a new single entitled "Human Remains" on Dais Records.  For the past three years, synth punks Gregory Vand and Susan Subtract have pulled together their subversive misgivings through a series of releases such as their debut album "A Unity of Miseries...A Misery of Unities" on DKA Records and their sophomore follow-up "Definite Structures" on Dais Records.  Each audible imprint left behind by High-Functioning Flesh dices up their sinister tone, reworking themselves through their own self reference and spits out a malformed adjustment of electronic dynamics and uneasy phonetics.  

"Human Remains" signifies the band's movement from aggressive industrial structure to shining dance floor anthems, all while making sure their audience never strays in thought of who their musical architect is playing overhead.  Coupled with the B-side "Heightened State", HFF passes through the speakers at more progressive, minimal electronic pace. Keeping up the rhythm and nature of their familiar signature, HFF matures into complex, infectious cadence married with voltaic synthesized sound that has us never halting in our dance and curious about their next move.

Brand new - direct from band.
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