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Cannibal Apocalypse (Apocalypse Domani) OST |DW 035|

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Music composed and conducted by A. Blonksteiner.

Death Waltz Recording Company has taken another step into the infamous genre of flesh-eating monsters in order to bring you a much-requested score from the field of Italian horror – Alexander Blonksteiner’s CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (aka APOCALYPSE DOMANI). Directed by Antonio Margheriti (YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE) and starring John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), APOCALYPSE is a nightmarish vision where two Vietnam vets – Saxon and infamous horror actor John Morghen - unleash horror upon the world via a virus that makes the infected want to consume human flesh.

Scoring the film is a soundtrack as intense and crazed as the cannibals themselves, although this may not seem immediately apparent - don't miss your opportunity to own this rare/great Italian horror soundtrack. Ltd. 900 copies - one time pressing.

Brand new direct from label.
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