Vinyl - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 3 - Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 |MR-049| Medical Records
Medical Records (US)

Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol. 3 - Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 |MR-049|

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Medical Records continues it’s unearthing of extremely rare singles in it’s Electroconvulsive Therapy series. Once again, teaming up with Crispy Nuggets blog (, they have assembled yet another collection of long out of print and underground singles and rare tracks. This compilation includes 3 complete A + B sides from 7” singles + 4 other rare songs (2 from cassette, 1 A side of a 7”, and 1 track featured on a rare 80s compilation LP). All original tracks are impossible to find for less than a mint on the collector’s market. The first 2 tracks are by Belgium’s Tipical Me from the Claustrofobian b/w Pope No Hope 7”. These 2 tracks are perfect synth pop in every way. The second artist is UK’s Secession, and we have included their debut 7” released in 1983. Though known for their later more electronic based pop and dance tracks, these two tracks display their earlier dark beginnings with chilling guitars and a more early 4AD aesthetic. Both tracks from the 7” are included. The third artist is France’s Leidenschaft who released one lone 3-song cassette in 1986 with 2 of the tracks featured here. Leidenschaft could loosely be compared to early Clan of Xymox with French cold wave leanings. The 2 cuts are very atmospheric and lovely indeed. Back to the UK, we included the wonderfully minimal A + B sides of the rare 1984 7” by Black Fantasy.

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