Vinyl - Bernard Fevre - Suspense ARC 015 Disko Obscura
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Bernard Fevre - Suspense |ARC 015|

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40th Anniversary reissue of this rare wonderful library album from Bernard Fevre.  

"Cosmos 2043
 and Suspense were made one after the other in 1975. Writing and production took two months for the first album and four months for the other. I chose to do everything myself, because I didn’t trust the other producers and musicians; I thought they were way behind the times. Besides, I’ve always found that other people around me paid little attention to music, and seemed old, unfashionable. Yet, it’s still amazing to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Suspense (and 38-year anniversary of Cosmos 2043, which came out in 1977) because I never considered myself a pioneer or revolutionary.

To make these albums, I used a Solina keyboard, Hohner clavinet that France gave me, a monophonic Moog, a Poly Korg that had been lent to me, and of course, that Mini Korg 700 that I still use today. I also had a Teac 4-track tape recorder, Power effects (a defunct French brand) and an Allen & Heath 12-track console. A real home studio ahead of the times in 1975!" - Bernard Fevre

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