Le'Trell - 'One The One' 7" [SC 7011]
Star Creature (US)

Le'Trell - 'One The One' 7" [SC 7011]

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There's a new (or old?) family of funk in town and their history is kind of a mystery. Rumor has it The Le'Trells came close but never were able to secure a record deal in their time. Curious and unable to locate any master tapes, it took a younger generation of Le'Trell boys to breathe life back into the grooves and deliver a modern update to that which never was. On The One is sure to be a Modern Funk Anthem, certified floor filler already making the rounds in Chicago, NYC, Detroit, and LA with a moody sax filled B Side that hits just as hard in the club as it does in the whip! Here's to hoping the Le'Trell boys' prayers are finally answered! - text from Star Creature

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