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    Dark Entries (US)

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    Parade Ground has always been the duo of brothers Jean-Marc and Pierre Pauly from Brussels, Belgium formed in 1981. Taking cues from post-punk, cold wave, Dada and Surrealism, Parade Ground channeled suffering, tension and rage through pulsing synthesizers, skeletal guitar, severe bass and Jean-Marc’s expressive vocals as the most melodic and emotional instrument. The Golden Years is an 11-song, career-spanning collection of Parade Ground’s long out-of-print 7” and 12” singles as well as rare compilation tracks from the pioneers of emotional body music created during 1982-1988.

    A1 I Shut My Eyes
    A2 Moan On The Sly
    A3 Retired
    A4 Fall Incognito
    A5 Moral Support
    A6 Took Advantage
    B1 Gold Rush
    B2 Action Replay
    B3 Moans
    B4 Strange World
    B5 Hollywood

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