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Severed Heads - City Slab Horror LP

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Medical Records presents two of the most striking and iconic reissues in its catalog. Second up of the two Severed Heads reissues is 1985’s “City Slab Horror”. Severed Heads are one of the most diverse and expert sound palette engineers and are also repeatedly overlooked and far underrated. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they formed in 1979. The band was composed of many different members though it’s existence but Tom Ellard has always been the constant since 1979 when he joined the band. The group’s early recordings were characterized by manipulated tape loop experiments, cleverly modulated noise elements and repetition. This period is very well suited to the early industrial period. Over time, the sounds morphed into more melodic leanings with pop elements and more prominent synth leads and backbone. “City Slab Horror” was released in 1985 on UK “Ink” records.

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