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Silent EM - The Absence LP /// DSK 016

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The blistering first LP from Silent EM - 'The Absence' available on Fire or Stone vinyl.

Jean Lorenzo, known as Silent EM, fell into his solo project by chance. He had played guitar and bass in post-punk and punk bands but in 2010 he found, upon his transition to a new city, that he could create music singularly with synthesizers and drum machines. His songs explore themes of disillusion, disappointment with religious views, war and lost love utopias. The influence of 1980s French coldwave and post-punk is apparent in his craft.

Vinyl version pressed on high-quality 180-gram fire or stone vinyl and housed in a deluxe original tip-on pocket jacket with a glossy laminate coating. Comes with an 11x17 custom printed double-sided fold-out poster. 

Fire Variant (Ltd. 250) 
* pictured fire variant is an approximation of what final result will look like - will look like fire but overall color could range from transparent red to transparent orange 

Stone Variant (Ltd. 250)
* will look exactly as pictured but with variations in the swirl 

*Ships out on or around Mon Aug 5th


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